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Revisiting a Joseph Stalin Js-2


Joseph Stalin Js-2, or Iósif Stalin-2 tank is named in memory of Soviet leaders (it is called JS-2 in English, translated as Joseph Stalin). This is a Soviet heavy tank built as a broken tank during World War II. This was the second IS series model, which was put into use in April 1944. This is a model widely used by the Red Army in the final stage of the war. The IS-2 concept is to participate as a rupture tank. It will open the gap in front of the enemy and give way to the medium tank behind.

In the Battle of Berlin, dozens of Joseph Stalin Js-2 used its powerful HE range to destroy the entire building. The assault included the 7th Armored Division (104th, 105th and 106th Tank Regiment), the 11th Heavy Tank Brigade 334th, the 351st, 396th, and 394th Wings and the 1st Armored Division 362nd and 399th Regiments, and the 347th Armored Division 2nd Participating Tank Corps, all parts of the 1st Belarusian Front, 3rd Participating Tank Corps 383rd and 384th Regiments (1st Ukrainian Front). With the support of the assault infantry company, they were tactically divided into 5 IS-2 units. Including engineers and flamethrowers. The operation lasted until May 2, 1945. More than 67 IS-2s were destroyed during the operation, mainly by the “Panzerfausts”.

The model

Each of us has a model that has never seen light or a model that we look back at. These patterns make us feel regretful. This is the case with the 1/35 ratio Joseph Stalin Js-2 of the trumpeter brand.

Below, I show you the status of this model. It went from the chaos in the box to a piece I am proud of.

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