TKS 20mm – 1:35 – Part 2

TKS 20mm Polish Tankette – Part 2

TKS 20mm history

Only full-featured TKS20mm All TKS tanks still exist. It was donated to Poland by the Swedish Axval Tank Museum and has been on display in the Polish Army Museum since 2008. There are three other tanks, the TKS on display at the Tank Museum in Kubinka, Russia, and the TK-3 and TKF at the Belgrade Military Museum in Serbia. In addition, the Swedish TKS survived the Norwegian War, where farmers used it as a tractor. In Belgium, a C2P artillery tractor was discovered, which was purchased by the National Military History Center in Auburn, Indiana, and was exposed there.

In addition, Poland’s historical reenactment organization also built at least two functional TKS tanks from the original plan.

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