Mr Asimov cheated on Us!

Mr Asimov cheated on us!

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As an introduction, for those who still do not know us, we are a Spanish company dedicated to the design, production and distribution of accessories and tools for modeling and wargames. In addition, we are fortunate to be able to say that we love both, which makes us want to gather around us people who enjoy the hobby. Nothing better than this magazine to share with you what we like! Our vignette is called Mr Asimov Cheated on us!

What we really like is the creation of “parallel” worlds. With the right tools, you can create miniature realities.

Mr Asimov Cheated on us!

What is why we are going to create a vignette based on Mr Asimov “laws of robotics”, where the human being is absent, perhaps because the machines have definitely taken control. Give it the interpretation that you like the most!

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