Bf109 G6 Badlands AWD

Messerschmitt Bf109 G6 AWD


I’ve always been fascinated by apocalyptic movies! Worlds ravaged by war, climate change, or humanity beset by alien invasions! In this case, I imagined an alternative world in the 1960s. And people taking advantage of resources to survive, for example, converting the fuselage of a Bf109 G6 aircraft in off-road terrain.

We are located in a world where Hitler and the Nazis managed to develop the atomic bomb. In February 1945, a V-2 detonates a nuclear bomb and devastates London. Six days later, Plymouth, Manchester and the rest of the main English cities are razed! Two weeks later, the Russians are evicted from Poland, Bulgaria and the Balkans with separate nuclear attacks. USA shares with Russia nuclear weapons and retaliation on Europe is immediate! Paris, Rome, Berlin, Oslo, all the German-occupied capitals are devastated. In the Pacific, the Russians and the Americans eradicate any Japanese resistance. That is only the beginning! Werner Von Braun develops the first intercontinental missile, the V-4. As a last action, Hitler orders, in 1951, USA is attacked without notice. New York, Washington and the entire East Coast razed!

By 1960, Europe is a wasteland, dead and polluted. There is no war anymore, there are no great countries, only survivors. A few skillful ones gather the spoils of war for their benefit. They adapt old machinery for new purposes and land ships appear. Among them, made with motorized fuselages, the famous Bf109 G6 resurface as AWD road fighters.

History of the Bf109 G6 AWD

In this project we present a bf-109 G6 converted into an all-terrain vehicle and armed with its original nose gear. Consider the number of Messerschmitt bf109 G6 (for example) aircraft abandoned at Nazi airfields, in factories, with their engines intact. Now let’s think about the desire to survive in these lawless places, full of pirates and people desperate to steal what little you have. Skilled surviving mechanics do motorized wonders with the remains of the once famous Luftwaffe!

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Hakan Guney

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