Brewster F2-A3 Buffalo – 1:72 – Part 1

Brewster F2-A3 Buffalo

221th Marine Fighter Squadron Brewster F2-A3 Buffalo

Marine Fighter Squadron 221 (VMF-221) was based on June 4, 1942 on Eastern Island, Midway. They’re equipped with twenty-one F2-A3 Buffalo and seven Grumman F4-F3 Wildcat, under the command of Major Floyd B. Parks. That day the squadron flew twenty F2-A3 Buffalo and five F4-F3 to defend the islands from Japanese air attack. During the combat thirteen Buffalos and two Wildcats were shot down.

When I saw the cover of the book that Squadron / Signal Publications dedicates to this plane, I wanted to make the model present in the Battle of Midway. By a long time I did not finish encouraging myself to undertake the assembly. That happened because I did not have the Brewster F2-A3 Buffalo version and I did not feel like making the transformation.

So as soon as Special Hobby released its 1/72 edition of the model present at Midway, I didn’t think twice and bought the model.

The Model

At the first glance at the staples I could see that they had used the Hasegawa mold, adding some new parts, integrating others that the Japanese brand has separately and modifying the front area of ​​the fuselage to adapt it to this version.

It also provides us with a series of resin pieces, of which I have to highlight the side consoles of the cabin, the set of pedals and the instrument panel that will make our work much easier when detailing the interior.

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