Italian troops at Lebanon

Italian troops at Lebanon

Background – Italian troops at Lebanon

Since 2006, the Italian armed forces have returned to operate in Lebanon under the auspices of the UN with the Leonte mission; Among the many tasks assigned is to monitor compliance with the border between Lebanon and Israel called the Blue Line.

The Blue Line was established on June 7, 2000 to delimit the separation of Israeli and Lebanese territories; The UN cartographic service was sent to the area with the task of studying and formalizing an internationally recognized demarcation line of the Lebanese borders, this line is identified with the “border pillars” of the blue-painted pylons obtained from containers and cemented in place.

Over time, Israel has erected sections of the wall and fields and industrial areas have flourished on its side of the demarcation, while on the Lebanese side there are mainly vegetation and large heavily mined areas, the devices are of all kinds, especially bombs. Cluster bombs, widely used by Israeli air strikes, and it is not uncommon for grazing animals to jump on one of these bombs.

Once there, in the field of its competence, the Italian contingent is responsible for patrolling the area using all available wheeled vehicles and avoiding voluntary or accidental trespassing and informing the Lebanese authorities without delay in case of need; In addition, specialized personnel work to recover the land from explosive devices.

The diorama, which I present below, I have used three models and figures, all in 1:35 scale. As a destroyed vehicle, I used a Tamiya brand t-55. In addition, two Puma armored transports were added in their 6×6 version. These were decorated as they were used by the Italian troops in Lebanon during the aforementioned Leonte mission. In the diorama, I represent a typical scene of patrolling through the area called “Blue Line”

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