North American P-51 B Mustang – 1:48

Captured P-51 Mustang

North American P-51 B Mustang

After the crash landing, the Luftwaffe captured several P-51s as “Beuteflugzeug” (“captured aircraft”). These aircraft were subsequently repaired and tested by “Zircus Rosarius” or Rosarius Staffel de Erprobungskommando. This was the Luftwaffe’s senior commander for combat evaluation in Göttingen. The aircraft was repainted with German markings and identified with a bright yellow nose, tail and belly. Several P-51 B / P-51 C, including tags marked Luftwaffe Geschwaderkennung code T9 + CK, T9 + FK, T9 + HK and T9 + PK (tags with the prefix “T9”, which have not been officially assigned to any Luftwaffe From their own records, in addition to photos of Zirkus Rosarius (flying aircraft), the unit also flew a total of 3 captured P-51 D, some of which were captured at the end of the coalition. Allied forces discovered. War; others crashed during the test.

At the end of the war, Allied forces discovered some of these P-51 B. Others crashed during testing. The Mustang is also listed in the appendix of the new KG 200, which was tested by the German clandestine operation KG 200, which was tested, evaluated and sometimes secretly operated by enemy aircraft captured during World War II. North American P-51 Mustang.

Among the models they tested were Republic P-47 Thunderbolts, Lockheed P-38 Lightnings, Hawker Typhoons, Mosquitos and of course, the subject of this article, the North American P-51 B Mustang.

Tamiya model

For this article I am going to use the excellent North American P-51 B Mustang, from Tamiya in 1/48 scale. Its detail and quality is unsurpassed after many years in the market.

The focus of the article will be, above all, on the painting process and “weathering” effects. I’ll focus in the cabin parts, propeller and wheels. The references are very common and can be consulted without problems in the countless articles that there are about Mustang models. Anyway I hope this article is to your liking.

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Autor Daniel Zamarbide

Daniel Zamarbide

Captured North American P-51 Mustang