F-15 DJ Mitsubishi japanese eagle

F-15DJ “Japan Eagle”

History of the Mitsubishi F-15 DJ Eagle

Japan acquired the first F-15 C / Ds MSIP in 1987 and began manufacturing new F-15 Js and F-15 DJs. Their improvements included a new mainframe, more powerful engines and new weapon controls. System and control system. J / APQ-1 1. F-15 J and F-15 DJ have entered the second stage of MTDP upgrade and modernization. In addition, the engine air intake, leading edge and air intake have also changed. Both the F-15 J and F-15 DJ are equipped with Japanese-made AAM-3 missiles. As a result of this development, the AAM-3 is an improved Sidewinder missile with a “tooth” front fin.

Japanese Air Force (JASDF) has been pursuing the fifth-generation F-22 Raptor fighter to replace the F-15 J. However, with the U.S. maintaining its export ban, attempts to purchase F-22s have become problematic. The entire F-15 J and F-15 DJ fleet will be updated and upgraded to ensure readiness for 2020. On July 28, 2003, the first modern F-15 J made its maiden flight and was delivered to JASDF in October 2003.

Development of the F-15 DJ

On December 10, 2004, the Japanese government approved a medium-term defense plan (MTDP). This plan proposes the modernization of the F-15 J MSIP and the F-15 DJ in accordance with a new defense plan within five years. It appears that the upgrade is being implemented in phases. It will include a new ejector seat in the final phase; a new, more powerful (IHI-220E) twin-turbocharged engine; more powerful processor; improved cooling and power generation equipment; avionics with enhanced capabilities to support other fighter aircraft; and the new AESA AN / APG-63 Raytheon radar. The latter has been modified by Mitsubishi Electric , which has been licensed to produce the radar in Japan since 1997. It is expected to be installed on 80 F-15 Js and as many F-15 DJs.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) requested in June 2007 to upgrade all available F-15 Js and F-15 DJs on the JASDF list. Mainly to install new synthetic aperture radars in the external “information pod”. Thereafter, the F-15 will replace these aircraft to the aging RF-4 Phantom II Fighter. The number of F-15 Js increased from 26 to 48, and the MoD approved the modernization of another 38 fighters. However, the modernization budget has not yet been approved. Forty-eight modified F-15 Js are equipped with the Data Link 16 data link system and the HUD system on the pilot’s helmet. The new radar will be useful to support AAM-4 missiles, the Japanese version of the U.S. AMRAAM and HUD in the case. It will support AAM-5 missiles in close combat operations, and will replace the older AAM-3 missiles.

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